Rachel E. Skiffer, our Head of School, on campus.


I am delighted to be in the Head-Royce community. What an honor it is to be part of a Bay Area institution dating back to 1887 that has continually shaped a vision for the future of education rooted in our core values of scholarship, diversity, and citizenship. Originally established as a school for young women, for more than 40 years, Head-Royce has flourished as a gender-inclusive school that focuses on educating the “whole child.” In that way, we prepare our students for a future we can only begin to imagine. With a challenging academic curriculum that encourages each student’s unique needs and interests, we inspire a lifelong love of learning—both academic and in service of others—and deep connections that transcend years and careers.

In a K-12 environment, Head-Royce students have opportunities that help them grow both in academics and social-emotional skills. Our dedicated, passionate, and talented educators embrace experiences that bring students of all ages together on projects, giving them a chance to learn from one another, model intellectual curiosity, and embrace their similarities and differences. 

The magic of Head-Royce is best experienced in person. I invite your family to visit and witness our incredible learning community firsthand. We hope to see you soon!


Rachel E. Skiffer
Head of School